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Indiana University Bloomington

Business Law

Undergraduate Program

Course Descriptions

  1. L315
    The Business and Law of Entertainment and Sports
    • 15-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: K201, L201, M300 or M301, X201

    L315 explores the legal and practical problems facing executives managing for-profit enterprises in or related to the entertainment and sports industry.  Focusing primarily on legal issues, yet necessarily addressing collateral business issues, L315 considers the law affecting the decisions of executives in entertainment companies, including motion picture studios, television broadcasters, and music companies.  It also covers the law affecting decisions of executives in sports franchises, leagues, and associations.  More importantly, L315 studies the law affecting transactions between businesses with contractual or other relationships with athletes, entertainers, sports franchises, leagues, athletic associations, and entertainment companies, including especially corporate sponsors, manufacturers of licensed apparel, and equipment manufacturers, in addition to owners of stadiums and arenas.  The law of intellectual property (including copyright, trademark, and right of publicity), government regulation, labor and employment law, financing alternatives, antitrust, and business ethics are emphasized.