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Indiana University Bloomington


The Kelley Advantage

About 95 percent of seniors with economic consulting or public policy majors find jobs before winter break with very competitive starting salaries.

Undergraduate Program

  1. G492
    Data Analysis using Economic Modeling
    • 16-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: P or C: G350

    In this course, students will develop the analytical tools and hands-on experience with data and economic models to optimally utilize information in decision-making, often in the context of economic consulting.  We will cover data management and descriptive statistics, along with advanced analysis including policy evaluation and endogeneity control.  We will discuss these topics in the context of classic economic and business questions, and we will also discuss several accessible, pertinent research papers to highlight key concepts.  In addition, students will develop presentation and communication skills, particularly with regard to quantitative outputs, and learn valuable, targeted computer programming skills.  Finally, students will learn the basics of identification in order to better understand which data is most useful to collect when answering a given empirical question.