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Indiana University Bloomington


The Kelley Advantage

About 95 percent of seniors with economic consulting or public policy majors find jobs before winter break with very competitive starting salaries.

Undergraduate Program

  1. G456
    Non-Market Risk Consulting
    • 16-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: None

    This course details the connection between business strategies and the non-market environment, including government regulation, societal regulation (activist group pressure), technological changes and broader changes in the firm’s macro-economic environment. In particular the course focuses on how changes in this non-market environment pose potential risk to long-term firm profitability, and how managers can best avoid or mitigate those risks.  The course also focuses on potential profit maximizing opportunities may arise from changes in the firm’s non-market environment. With rapid changes in mass communication embodied in social network development, social movements are now much more powerful influence on corporations and governments. These social movements can bring rapid changes in the firm’s non-market environment, along with technological change. Armed with a deeper understanding of linkages between the firm’s market and non-market environment students engage in a directed consulting project aimed at exploring how firms can undertake changes that will best position them to either avoid or mitigate potential non-market risks they face or directly profit from those changes.