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Indiana University Bloomington


The Kelley Advantage

BEPP has a long history of providing economic advice to local, state, and federal officials and agencies. Recently, Professor Mike Baye served as chief economist of the Federal Trade Commission.

Bus Econ Brown Bag Lunch Schedule

SPRING 2013 (Updated April 2, 2013) 

The department’s Brown Bag Seminar Series is held Tuesday's from 12-1 p.m. in BU445 Conference Room.

January 22Eric Rasmusen, "Public Comments for the IRS Proposed Regulations for Rewards for Whistleblowers"
January 29Rick Harbaugh, "Comparative Price Signaling"
February 5Michele Fratianni, "External Imbalances and Fiscal Fragility in the Euro Area"
February 12John Maxwell, "Partially Repeated Contests"
February 19Catalin Stefanescu, "Collective Action Clauses in Sovereign Bonds"
February 26Matthijs Wildenbeest, "Retailer Brand Equity and Organic Search"
March 5Dmitry Lubensky, "Estimating the Effects of MSRPs: Theory" The paper is joint with Babur De los Santos and In Kyung Kim, who is a grad student in econ.
March 19Michael Rauh
March 26Seth Freedman (SPEA), "The Signaling Value of Online Social Networks: Lessons from Peer-to-Peer Lending" (with Ginger Jin).
April 2Rescheduled
April 9Eric Schmidbauer, “Physician-Induced Demand”
April 23Susan Kayser, "Joining the UN Global Compact: Just a Bunch of Bluewash or Sincere Adoption?"
April 30Vikram Ahuja, "A Model of Coopetition"
May 7Babur De los Santos