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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Accounting

Master's (MBA and Specialized)

  1. A504
    Selected Topics in Financial Accounting
    • 7-weeks
    • 1.5 credits
    • Prerequisite: MBA Core

    Financial Accounting focuses on the process by which firms report economic information to users outside the firm (e.g., stockholders, potential investors, creditors, regulatory agencies, etc.). This course is a continuation and expansion of the financial accounting material that was covered in the MBA core, and the format of this course will be quite similar to the MBA core course. Although there is significant emphasis on applications and analysis in the course, we also include some coverage of detailed "accounting rules" since this knowledge is crucial in understanding firms' financial reporting. As a result of this course, you should be better able to read, interpret, and analyze financial statement information. 

    1. Marketable securities and long-term investments
    2. Mergers and acquisitions
    3. Debt, leases, pensions, other post-employment benefits, and deferred taxes
    4. Stockholders equity and stock-based compensation
    5. Business segment reporting
    6. Foreign currency transactions and translation of foreign financial statements
    7. International accounting issues and non-US financial reporting

    Stickney, C. and R. Weil, Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses, 11th Edition, Dryden Press, 2005 along with a packet containing additional readings, outlines, and cases. Grades will be based on the final exam, a team project, announced quizzes and/or assignments, the quality of class participation and preparation, and a self-evaluation of course performance.